Microscope Zeiss LSM800 with Airyscan avaible in room 18

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Inverted Axio Observer Z.1 with environmental chamber

Motorized XYZ stage
2x Camera Photometrics Evolve 512:
- native resolution 512x512
- pixel bitdepth 16/8 bit
- pixel size 16umx16um

Confocal units:
6x Motorized Yokogawa Filters:
- FF01 442/46nm;
- BP 525/50nm
- BP 600/50nm;
- FF01 497/58nm
10x Dry
PLN APO 10x/0.45 Dry
40x Water
C APO 40x/1.20 Water
63x Water
HC APO 63x/1.20 Water
63x Oil
PLN APO 63x/1.40 Oil
Diode 405nm
Diode 488nm
Diode 561nm
Diode 639nm
Tile Scan
Combining images from different areas of specimen
Mark & Find
Defining multi position experiments
Live data mode
Zeiss Spinning Disc